Zum Eros

New Forms of Friendship, Love, and Affection

Across Europe, the number of single-person households without children has been steadily rising over the past few decades. In Germany, this coincides with a worrying increase in loneliness, impacting not just individual well-being but even threatening democratic engagement.  The pristine Northern Black Forest is home to many legends, myths, and fairytales representing livelihood and fertility as well as the production of most wedding rings sold in Germany. Within the theme 'Zum Eros', Ornamenta explores new forms of friendship, love and affection, by creating spaces and tools that move beyond the idealized, and for some limiting, societal notion of romantic love or human connection. The Ornamenta Programme delves into fostering more meaningful connections through an exhibition about charisma, carriages and ceremonies, a Black Forest Cake tasting event at a jeweller, and a garden with aphrodisiac plants.

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