Bad Databrunn

A Balancing Act Between Water, Humans, and Technology

The demand for ways to deal with stress, both virtual and in real life, is at an all-time high in Europe. Amidst different interrelated crises, several generations find themselves coping with technologically induced stress, precarious working conditions in shifting economies and rising uncertainty due to ecosystems on the verge of climate collapse. Within the theme 'Bad Databrunn', Ornamenta explores how we overcome the traditional divisions between humans, technology, and nature as a response to these pressing challenges. For centuries, Germany has embraced the concept of 'Kur' (Spa), a holistic approach to healing that emphasizes spending time in nature, utilising thermal waters. Small towns settled along the hot springs and mineral water wells, giving birth to the famous spas of the Northern Black Forest region. The Ornamenta programme builds on this tradition, in a virtual symposium on the future of wellbeing, an exhibition in a former spa on bladders, rainbows and less screen time, and a public artwork that merges craft and technology installed at a riverside.

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