Transforming Society from Self-Centred to Sun-Centred

The demographic shifts in Europe spark both opportunities and tensions, particularly in the realm of cultural integration. Situated at the tip of the German Northern Black Forest, the city of Pforzheim witnessed a continuous influx of newcomers over the past century. It harbours a stark variety of people living and working in parallel to each other. Within the theme Solartal, Ornamenta tries out how the sun, a symbol shared across cultures, can serve as a unifying element for its diverse communities. Bringing together regional companies and non-profit organisations to collaborate with global makers and thinkers around a shared interest and collective welfare: the sun. The Ornamenta Programme underscores the convergence of disparate groups striving to transcend societal divisions and foster unity by a series of sundials scattered across the region and a group exhibition on tanning, shades and spirits.

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