This is the Ornamenta

ORNAMENTA 2024 is a cultural program in the Northern Black Forest that will take place from July to September 2024. First launched in 1989, Ornamenta serves as a platform for contemporary cultural development, with exhibitions, permanent installations, performances, gatherings, galas, symposia, dinners, all of which will be further developed for ORNAMENTA 2024.

People in the region, curious neighbors, and adventurous (inter)national visitors are invited to rediscover the Northern Black Forest and transform the region together. Stretching from Maulbronn in the north to Freudenstadt in the south, the region extends beyond Pforzheim as the gateway to the Black Forest. Popular for hiking and nature tourism, the area is also known for its precious metal industry, idyllic spa towns, and a rich diversity of communities and cultural landscapes.

ORNAMENTA 2024 literally blurs the boundaries of the region: for three months, the four municipal districts will be replaced by new thematic neighborhoods that deal with issues of international relevance. These new communities, named Schmutzige Ecke, Zum Eros, Inhalatorium, Bad Databrunn and Solartal address issues that affect people in the region and in Europe equally, but in different ways, and articulate them as commonalities that open up new perspectives. From sunshine and clean air to social taboos and technology, each community is a place of interaction between various actors - commercial companies are connected with local communities, local industries meet fresh international creatives.

Ornamenta is geared towards long-term development. The program focuses strongly on emerging talent and creates opportunities for new generations of creatives by commissioning temporary and permanent works, forming partnerships with regional industry, and exhibiting works in unconventional contexts. The Nordschwarzwald will be a meeting point for local, national, and international actors, deepening the relationships between different disciplines and cultures.