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In case you have questions regarding the organization of Ornamenta don't hesitate to contact our team. We are looking forward to hear from you!

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The curatorial team of ORNAMENTA 2024 consists of curators Katharina Wahl, Willem Schenk, Jules van den Langenberg and curatorial fellow Theo Ferreira Gomes.

The freelance designer Katharina Wahl (*1977) works for cultural institutions or in the industry and teaches in universities. In the curatorial team of Ornamenta she initiates and co-develops collaborative encounters with associations, educational and cultural institutions.

Willem Schenk (*1990), works in Amsterdam as a senior creative consultant specializing in the fields of brand strategy, immersive retail experiences and cultural programming. At ORNAMENTA 2024, he stages new types of collaborations between emerging designers and businesses, markets, and industries in the Northern Black Forest Region.

Jules van den Langenberg (*1988), develops scripted works. In the roles of curator, film- and performance director and writer he makes exhibitions, scenographies, installations and texts. Within the team of ORNAMENTA 2024 he focuses on the artistic development of the programme in dialog with museums, performance, film and public spaces.