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In case you have questions regarding the organisation of Ornamenta get in touch with:

Dr. Christian Saalfrank

General Manager, Ornamenta gGmbH
Phone: 0049 7231 393932


For international press enquiries contact:

Jan-Willem Marquardt
Communications and Research, Send / Receive

For regional press enquiries contact:

Ralf Recklies
Regional Press, Ornamenta gGmbH
Phone: 0049 151 56069117

For detailed information on Ornamenta Lust contact:

Monika Heinzmann
Office Manager, Ornamenta gGmbH
Phone: 0049 7231 393932

The curatorial team of Ornamenta consists of Katharina Wahl, Willem Schenk, Jules van den Langenberg. For interviews, tours and special requests for the curators of Ornamenta contact via email

The independent designer Katharina Wahl (*1977) works for cultural institutions or in the industry and teaches in universities. In the curatorial team of Ornamenta she initiates and co-develops collaborative encounters with associations, educational and cultural institutions. You can reach this curator via

Willem Schenk (*1990), works in Amsterdam as a creative consultant specializing in the fields of brand strategy, immersive retail experiences and cultural programming. In the Ornamenta team, he stages new types of collaborations between emerging designers and businesses, markets, and industries in the Northern Black Forest Region. You can reach this curator via

Jules van den Langenberg (*1988), develops scripted works. In the roles of curator, film- and performance director and writer he makes exhibitions, scenographies, installations and texts. Within the team of Ornamenta he focuses on the artistic development of the programme with museums, artists, heritage institutions, art collectors, cinema and public spaces. You can reach this curator via

The team of Ornamenta is grateful for the unwavering support of the people in the Northern Black Forest and beyond, particularly the esteemed advisory board of the curatorial team who have played a pivotal role in shaping the Ornamenta format since its inception in 2021. The Ornamenta thanks Mayor Sibylle Schussler, Professor Christine Ludeke, Entrepreneur Philipp Reisert, Building Developer Carsten von Zepelin, SALT Istanbul Director Deniz Ova, Trend Forecaster Lidewij Edelkoort, Artistic Director of Atelier Luma Jan Boelen, and Cultural Heritage Expert Arne Cornelius Wasmuth for their invaluable contributions and dedication.

The OrnamentaBund e.V. emerged from the Förderverein Ornamenta and is responsible for the long-term development of the Ornamenta idea. Creativity, love for the Northern Black Forest region, and commitment carry Ornamenta in the long term to bring about lasting positive changes in our region. ORNAMENTA 2024 is supported by the OrnamentaBund e.V. and open to new members via their website.