Partners in monetary support, locations and expertise

The Ornamenta is financed through donations large and small, and sponsoring from 10.000 - 150.000 euros. The organization focuses on private and corporate investments for its exhibitions, events and the development and realization of new public art works in the Northern Black Forest region. Especially the progressive entrepreneurs and upcoming individuals based in the region are welcomed to support and collaborate with the Ornamenta. 

Ornamenta is open to receiving symbolic and monetary donations and sponsoring from visitors of our programme. Feel free to transfer to Ornamenta gGmBH account number ‘DE69 6665 0085 0005 2365 68’ under mention ‘donation’. For more information to join in financial support of Ornamenta contact general manager Christian Saalfrank via phone 0049 7231 39 3932
 or email

The OrnamentaBund e.V. emerged from the Förderverein Ornamenta and is responsible for the long-term development of the Ornamenta idea. Creativity, love for the Northern Black Forest region and commitment carry ORNAMENTA in the long term to bring about lasting positive changes in our region. The Ornamenta 2024 is supported by the OrnamentaBund e.V. and open to new members via their website.

The Ornamenta extends its gratitude to its partners for their generous contributions in monetary support, provision of locations, and expertise.

Public funding and partners

Main sponsors

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Foundations, donours, and partners