Become an official partner of ORNAMENTA 2024

The Northern Black Forest Region, located in between Karlsruhe, Stuttgart and Baden-Baden has lots of offer and great potential: great quality of life and health, networked and dynamic communities, rich in cultural traditions and scenic treasures.

ORNAMENTA 2024 is the opportunity to continue developing a progressive profile for the Northern Black Forest as a desirable environment, where new ways of living with heritage and nature can be prototyped and sketched out by traditional and future oriented entrepreneurs, makers and thinkers. 

Only with the conceptual and financial support of our partners - regional players and national institutions - ORNAMENTA 2024 can manifest successfully and continue its programming in the future. Become part of our programme and strengthen the Northern Black Forest as the ideal stage for innovative interactions and collaborative encounters between entrepreneurs, societal institutions and artists. 

As partners we expect in many cases to engage in artistic expressions together and go beyond purely financial support, be it through technology and knowledge transfer or production and outreach infrastructures. 

For more information and to discuss how we imagine co-developing individual concepts supporting each other in our institutional values and trajectories, contact general manager Christian Saalfrank.

Dr. Christian Saalfrank

General Manager
Ornamenta gGmbH
+49 7231 39 3932