September 29, 2023 – October 29, 2023

    Solartal Plaza - Gala HBF 2023

    While the sun appears more frequently in the Northern Black Forest region, the future requires us to rethink our connections with it in innovative ways. Allowing the right solar elements to reaching our bodies and skin, opens up possibilities on the horizon for new devotions and sunny futures. In the Solartal plaza, on the constructed scaffolding above the model train, sixteen members of the Aurelius Boys' Choir from Calw pour their hearts into their singing. As they perform ‘Es löscht das Meer die Sonne aus’ (the sea extinguishes the sun) by Friedrich Silcher, each boy is adorned with a special piece of jewelry. The sunglasses from design studio buro Belén offer a new and stylish take on sun protection, enabling us to reformulate the relation to the center of our galaxy.



    • Unseen Sunglasses


    • Aurelius Sängerknaben
    • buro BELÉN