Sunday 7 July 2024, from 11:30

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    Hohenwart Forum

    ART Gottesdienst Solar-LuxSchönbornstraße 2575181PforzheimBaden-WürttembergDeutschland

ART Gottesdienst Solar-Lux

To mark the opening of the Solar-Lux exhibition, an ART service will be held with an introduction by church councilor Gabriele Hofmann and art historian Christina Körner. The Solar-Lux exhibition (7 July - 22 September 2024) presents the works of artists Daniel Bonaudo-Ewinger, Bastian Börsig, Nemanja Šarbajić, Dennis Ulbrich and Constanze Zacharias. In their contemporary works, they show how different new and old techniques, such as solar energy, light radiation and rain, flow into their works. This will be preceded at 10:00 a.m. by a curated walk with the Geomancy Group, the STAR architects' group and the Ornamenta curatorial team to the power places of the Hohenwart Forum.

"ART Gottesdienst Solar-Lux" takes place on the occasion of the Ornamenta 2024 Lust program and is part of the theme Solartal. All Ornamenta Lust programmes are mainly German spoken but you are welcome to join.

©Photo: courtesy of Hohenwart Forum