February 11, 2022 – February 11, 2022

  • EMMA Kreativzentrum


Stress levels are up – energy levels depleted; it’s Werkschau week in Pforzheim. At the design department of Hochschule, tense students and staff are rushing to put up works and prototypes. Meanwhile, the curators behind Ornamenta are providing a reprieve to all hard workers at Kreativzentrum Emma – staging it as a Grooming Hut for one hour. Mental and physical health are addressed in five works by recently graduated artists from Europe. For one evening, the city of Pforzheim presents itself as the gateway into the Region Nordschwarzwald and her many spas. What touches us also becomes a part of us – in the spirit of this wisdom, the visitors of the event could take home more than just relaxed hands – but also impressions that will certainly still be present when the next massage is long overdue.

Bad Databrunn


  • Real Trip from AMS to KBL

    • George Mazari
  • Death by Landscape

    • Centotaph to the bees

      • Jannis Zell
    • Chicken Nugget Monolith

      • Jannis Zell
    • Statue of Touch

    • Muricipolylene Nr. 1 – 4



      • George Mazari
      • Jannis Zell
      • Lifu Zhou
      • Tatjana Stürmer
      • Telma Lemarchand