Wed 05. July 2023, 18:00 – Sun 08. October 2023, 20:00

Zum Eros prologue exhibition

  • A.K.T; in Pforzheim

    A.K.T; in PforzheimTheaterstraße 2175175PforzheimBaden-WürttembergDeutschland

Join us for the official opening of the Zum Eros prologue exhibition on July 5 at 6 pm, where the development of an inclusive aphrodisiac garden for ORNAMENTA 2024 will be announced on the 1st floor of Café Roland.

In search of new types of love and affection, we explore different modes of connectedness and expanded forms of kinship in regional communities of the Northern Black Forest. Drawing on the expertise of local organizations and international designers, perspectives on botany, intimacy, and queer feminist ecology come together in the thematic neighbourhood Zum Eros. Wednesday 5 July 2023 marks the starting point for a collective laboratory on the second floor of the Alfons Kern Tower in the Transferium 2023; where ideas for an equal pleasure garden are growing. With the support of the company Goldmann Lindenberger, a working group consisting of members of the German Naturopathic Association and the social gardening of Q-Prints, together with the French landscape architect Céline Baumann, present the first steps of the development of a vibrant index for aphrodisiac plants on our Campus of Love, which will open in July 2023.

We inaugurate our sensual garden on Wednesday evening, with intimate melodies by Italian musician Arianna Radaelli, expert cembalo and basso generale, followed by a short lecture on the future of sustainable gardening wear by Prof. Johann Stockhammer, fashion designer and Dean of the Faculty of Design at Pforzheim University. Céline Baumann gives us insight into past projects on queer ecology and presents a library she contributed to our inlcusive aphrodisiac garden. To close the opening ceremony, Sabine Neff from the German Natural Healing Association, Eva Knoch from Q-Prints, Lea Zehender from Goldmann Lindenberger and curator Katharina Wahl guide our attention to their work process while creating this gender-inclusive garden.

Visitors of Transferium 2023 can experience the sensory installation and botanical working station from July to October 2023 in the A.K.T; tower. In the Zum Eros prologue exhibition they get a preview of some of the projects and themes whoch will be discussed and further developed in the exhibitions of the thematic neighbourhood Zum Eros in the summer months of the next year.

Special thanks to Alchemilla, mugwort, lavender, parsley, basil, marigold, yarrow, garlic, celery, coriander, carrot, lovage, poppy, rosemary, muscatel, sage, verbena, bishop's cap, chili, sweet potato, galagal, horseradish, datura, henbane, maca, belladonna, sea bean, cotton bush, bindweed, cocilaksha, Christine Neff (Deutscher Naturheilbund), Eva Knoch, Katharina Meyer and Ute Hötzer (Q-PRINTS & SERVICE gGMBH), Lea Zehendner (Goldmann Lindenberger), Caleb Davis (Queer Space Pforzheim), Johann Stockhammer, our sponsor and media partner PZ Medien/Pforzheimer Zeitung, Arianna Radaelli, Christine Herdin, Werner Wild Foundation, and all others involved in the project.

Opening: July 5, 2023 at 6pm

July 7 - October 8
Fri. - Sun.
10am - 08pm

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Zum Eros

Exhibition view: an inclusive aphrodisiac garden; Café Roland, Pforzheim 2023. Photo: Karolina Sobel; Ornamenta

Lively exhange with members of the German Naturopathic Association and Q-prints next to a selection of processed aphrodisiac substances. Café Roland, Pforzheim 2023. Photo: Karolina Sobel, Ornamenta

Johann Stockhammer, dean of the design faculty in Pforzheim, giving a lecture on the future of gardening wear; Café Roland, Pforzheim 2023. Photo: Karolina Sobel, Ornamenta

Landscape archtitect Céline Baumann giving a lecture on queer nature; Café Roland, Pforzheim 2023. Photo: Karolina Sobel, Ornamenta

Close up: a selection of aphrodisiac plants from the German Naturopathic Association and Q-prints' social gardening; Café Roland, Pforzheim. Photo: Karolina Sobel, Ornamenta

Zum Eros - new encounters on the campus of kinship (key-visual); Northern Black Forest, 2022. Photo: Lonneke van der Palen, Ornamenta




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