October 8, 2021 – October 8, 2021

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    Galeria Pforzheim

    Galeria PforzheimWestliche Karl-Friedrich-Straße 17-1975172PforzheimBaden-WürttembergGermany

Dream On

As shopping becomes increasingly online and pandemic induced transformations alter our perception of social contact, retail is faced with a new reckoning: an existing arsenal of commercial techniques no longer function as usual. As intense lovers of retail, we share an eagerness to regenerate the high streets for Ornamenta 2024. With local gin for breakfast and a daily commute between Mode Lenk and Müssle Vinothek, (our hosts for the week), staying over with the Einzelhändler became a matchmaking testing ground. This evening marked the beginning of a collective quest to save the Titanic from sinking. How can shops in the Nordschwarzwald region benefit more from a unique regional narrative in a post-pandemic Europe?

Zum Eros


  • ©Image: courtesy of Ted Noten

    Mercedes Benz Brooch

    • Ted Noten
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    Amazon Lecture

  • Courtesy of ETH Zürich

    Retail Apocalypse

    • Adam Jasper
  • Courtesy of Yuri Veerman

    End of Play

    • Yuri Veerman



  • Adam Jasper
  • Claudia Baumbusch
  • Horst Lenk
  • Liesbeth den Besten
  • Moritz Jähde
  • Rhythmic Choir
  • Stefanie Wetzke
  • Yuri Veerman