Sat 08. July 202311:00 – 12:00

Zum Eros conference

  • Bioland Hof Sonnenwald

    Bioland Hof SonnenwaldBuchenweg72297ErzgrubeBaden-WürttembergDeutschland

Next to permanent exhibition formats, visitors of ORNAMENTA 2024 will be able to experience the five thematic neighbourhoods in different events, interactive formats, performances or discussions.

In cooperation with the German Naturopathic Association and Queerspace Pforzheim, the Ornamenta team presents new perspectives on a respectful and equal coexistence of plants, animals and humans. The Zum Eros conference on 8 July 2023 at the organic farm Sonnenwald in Seewald gathers contributions on seduction, fertility and sexual health. Positions from the network of the German Naturopathic Association, the LGBTQ+ community and experts from the world of botany formulate collectively a new gestures of love and tenderness. To kick off the development of an aphrodisiac garden for the region, Ornamenta, in collaboration with the German Naturopathic Association and Queer Space Pforzheim, brings together experts and performers on a romantic field of the Sonnenwald farm to celebrate the collaborative development of this equal and gender-inclusive garden of earthly delights.

As the first plant seedlings from Q-Prints' social nursery are woven into a bridal bouquet, guests will experience contributions from Gert Dorschner, physician and expert in natural healing, drag king Sir Dan Manhattan, the doula Madeleine Verwaal, as well as musician Hans-Jörg Eberle. The conversation will be moderated by Sabine Neff, executive director of the German Naturopathic Association.

Join the Ornamenta team at A.K.T. Pforzheim at 10am for collective departure to the event location. A free bus shuttle will be provided by the organizers of the event.

Special thanks to Alchemilla, mugwort, lavender, parsley, basil, marigold, yarrow, garlic, celery, coriander, carrot, lovage, poppy, rosemary, muscatel, sage, verbena, bishop's cap, chili, sweet potato, galagal, horseradish, datura, henbane, maca, belladonna, sea bean, cotton bush, bindweed, cocilaksha, Christine Neff (Deutscher Naturheilbund), Eva Knoch, Katharina Meyer and Ute Hötzer (Q-PRINTS & SERVICE gGMBH), Lea Zehendner (Goldmann Lindenberger), Caleb Davis (Queer Space Pforzheim), Johann Stockhammer, our sponsor and media partner PZ Medien/Pforzheimer Zeitung, Arianna Radaelli, Christine Herdin, Werner Wild Foundation, and all others involved in the project.

Participation in the event is free of charge.

Zum Eros Conference
Sat. 8 July 2023
11 - 12am

Sonnenwald farm
Buchenweg 4-16
72297 Seewald

10am bus shuttle from A.K.T; (Pforzheim)
1pm arrival back in Pforzheim
Theaterstr. 21
75175 Pforzheim

Zum Eros

Arrival in Seewald with Zum Eros travel bus; Bioland-Hof Sonnenwald, Seewald. Photo: Karolina Sobel, Ornamenta

Haleigh Christ from Sonnenwald Community and Katharina Wahl guiding visitors through the regenerative farm; Sonnenwald farm, Seewald 2023. Photo: Karolina Sobel, Ornamenta

Kick-off of Zum Eros conference on aphrodisiac plants, sexual health and kinship; Sonnenwald farm, Seewald 2023. Photo: Karolina Sobel, Ornamenta

physician Gert Dorschner giving a lecture on aphrodisiac plants; Sonnenwald farm, Seewald 2023. Photo: Karolina Sobel, Ornamenta

Doula Madeleine Verwaal giving a lecture on plants for health and fertility; Sonnenwald farm, Seewald. Photo: Karolina Sobel, Ornamenta

Sir Dan Manhattan performing a queer story of Yeshil's flower shop; Sonnenwald farm, Seewald. Photo: Karolina Sobel, Ornamenta

Zum Eros key visual; Northern Black Forest 2022. Photo: Lonneke van der Palen




  • Deutscher Naturheilbund e.V.


  • Gert Dorschner


  • Hans-Jörg Eberle


  • Madeleine Verwaal


  • Queer Space


  • Sir Dan Manhattan