Ornamenta Transferium 2022 Zum Eros

  • Ornamenta Transferium Event
  • 13. May 2022, 18:00 – 02. October 2022, 20:00
  • Stadtmuseum Pforzheim

Opening Days/Times: Wednesday 2–5 pm, Thursday 2–5 pm, & Sunday (& Public Holidays) 10 am–5 pm

Zum Eros Objects

1.A. Swing, Ulrike Rehm | 1.B. Slow Shadows, Jens Pfeifer | 2. Loan from National Cultural Institution (to be determined) | 3.A. Rose auf Kissen, Vito Pace | 3.B. Bambi, Else Bach | 3.C. Wickelkind, Karl Albiker | 4. Schnecke, Iris Henkenhaf-Stark | 5. Proposal for public artwork in Pforzheim (to be determined) | 6. Dwarf Parade Dog (Plum Nipples), Kasper Bosmans | 7.A. Bridal Wreath in Frame, Unknown | 7.B. Bauernschrank II, “Margareta 1813” | 8. Film Reel, Kommunales Kino Pforzheim | 9. Black Forest Gateau, Tourismusbüro Pforzheim | 10. IKON, Niklas Link | 11. BLESS N°28 Climate Confusion Assistance Fatknit Hammock, BLESS | 12. Documents of Contemporary Everyday Life in the Northern Black Forest (To be determined) | 13. Modell CARL, Arlinger Baugenossenschaft | 15. rose-eros, Timm Ulrichs

Transferium 2022, an exhibition platform that is the start of a journey towards Ornamenta, a cultural programme taking place in the Northern Black Forest region in the late summer of 2024.

Stadtmuseum Pforzheim hosts five installations spread throughout its church and museum spaces. Each consists of a growing assembly of loans from Akzo Nobel Art Foundation, ZKM Karlsruhe and other national cultural institutions and museums, Stadt Pforzheim and Stadtmuseum Pforzheim, works by contemporary artists from the Nordschwarzwald region as well as contributions by the Ornamenta Try Out Event network, souvenirs from the Ornamenta Hubs, products by local industry and economy, loans from Schmuckmuseum Pforzheim and Volker Albus Design Collection, objects from contemporary daily life in the region, current and future architecture, and local city development projects as well as graduation works by alumni of Hochschule Pforzheim.

We are embarking on a quest for all types of love in the forest-originating Ornamenta neighbourhood Zum Eros. The pristine Schwarzwald is home to many legends, myths, and fairytales representing livelihood and fertility. Today’s revised family compositions and new types of romantic relationships are paving the way for alternative ceremonies and celebrations.

The German term “Gemeinde” defines the most basic administrative unit of the state as well as all members of a community. Most commonly used in a geographical sense to identify neighbourhoods or villages, it also is used to describe people that share a common interest, a group that pursues a temporary or permanent purpose together.

Everyone can join the new neighbourhoods. Ornamenta is looking for regional, national, and international pioneers to join its programme in 2023 and 2024. Schmuck makers, designers, artists, heritage experts, sponsors, exhibition venues, filmmakers, clubs & organizations, accommodations, volunteers, and writers please come to the front!




Slow Shadows


Rose auf Kissen


Fatknit Hammock






Dwarf Parade Dog (Plum Nipples)




Glamourös Hochzeit und Abendmode Flyer


Bridal Wreath


Movie Reel from Koki




Architectural Model of Arlinger Tower


Bauernschrank II, “Margareta 1813”


Black Forest Gateau




Mail Order Catalogue Klingel


Stadtmuseum Pforzheim


Ulrike Rehm

Jens Pfeifer

Vito Pace


Laura Stachon

Else Bach

Karl Albiker

Iris Henkenhaf-Stark

Kasper Bosmans

Niklas Link

Tim Ulrichs

Film makers, it’s showtime

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