May 13, 2022 – October 2, 2022

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    Stadtmuseum Pforzheim

    Stadtmuseum PforzheimWestliche Karl-Friedrich-Straße 24375172PforzheimBaden-WürttembergDeutschland

Ornamenta Transferium 2022 Inhalatorium

Opening Days/Times: Wednesday 2–5 pm, Thursday 2–5 pm, & Sunday (& Public Holidays) 10 am–5 pm

Inhaltorium Objects

1. Into the blue, Jonas Brandt | 2. Loan from National Cultural Institution (to be determined) | 3. Kuhkuck, Malcolm Brook | 4. Rauchskulptur, Sonja Keppler | 5. Proposal for public artwork (to be determined) | 6. POST (from) KABUL, George Mazari | 7.A. Black Forest Cuckoo Clock, Unknown | 7.B. Höhencafe sign, Unknown | 7.C. Porcelain Pipe Bowl, Unknown | 8. Framed Photograph of Diners at Parkhotel | 9. 2.1 Shisha Pipe, Porsche Design | 10. Schwarzwald, Stephanie Jendis | 11. MEMO Chair, Ron Arad und Inflate | 12. Menu from Elemenz Shisha Cocktail Bar, Pforzheim | 13. Regional Building Project and Urban Development (To be determined) | 14. Alumni work from Hochschule Pforzheim (to be determined) | 15. P-21, Manfred Mohr

Transferium 2022, an exhibition platform that is the start of a journey towards Ornamenta, a cultural programme taking place in the Northern Black Forest region in the late summer of 2024

Stadtmuseum Pforzheim hosts five installations spread throughout its church and museum spaces. Each consists of a growing assembly of loans from Akzo Nobel Art Foundation, ZKM Karlsruhe and other national cultural institutions and museums, Stadt Pforzheim and Stadtmuseum Pforzheim, works by contemporary artists from the Nordschwarzwald region as well as contributions by the Ornamenta Try Out Event network, souvenirs from the Ornamenta Hubs, products by local industry and economy, loans from Schmuckmuseum Pforzheim and Volker Albus Design Collection, objects from contemporary daily life in the region, current and future architecture, and local city development projects as well as graduation works by alumni of Hochschule Pforzheim.



  • Into The Blue

    • Jonas Brandt
  • Kuhkuck

    • Malcolm Brook
  • Smoke Sculpture

    • Sonia Keppler
  • POST (from) KABUL

    • George Mazari
  • Black Forest Cuckoo Clock

  • Höhencafe Sign

  • Framed Picture from park Hotel

  • 2.1 Shisha Porsche Design

  • MEMO Chair

    • Ron Arad
  • P-21 Band Structures

    • Manfred Mohr
  • Menu from Elemenz Shisha Cocktail Bar, Pforzheim

  • Schwarzwald

    • Stephanie Jendis
  • Porcelain Pipe Bowl

  • 2

    Inhalatorium Audioguide



  • George Mazari
  • Jonas Brandt
  • Manfred Mohr
  • Ron Arad + INFLATE
  • Sonja Keppler
  • Stephanie Jendis

Events in Ornamenta Transferium 2022 Inhalatorium