September 10, 2021 – September 10, 2021

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    Kommunales Kino Pforzheim

    Kommunales Kino PforzheimSchloßberg 2075175PforzheimBaden-WürttembergGermany

Ornamenta Spa

In the “Golden City”, the greatest treasure may be the inexhaustible wealth of multicultural influences, with the one thing binding it all together being the ornament. How then, can an exploration of the function of ornaments allow us to see the cultural-psychological impact of decorative beauty? Ornaments help us to locate identity, tell stories, organise our actions, express memory, and individualise: they also guide our attention, create experiences, adorn as well as re-present. These sentiments coarse throughout the ”Goldstadt” with equal intensity; from the facade of the Wellendorf family jewellery business to the intricate modifications adorning member vehicles of a local car tuning club; and from the 5000-year-old snake bangle sitting in the Pforzheim Jewellery Museum to the serpentine lettering of the Pasha kebab restaurant just some 200 meters away, the ornamental charm of Pforzheim’s heritage is consistently expressed. Charged with Pforzheim’s ornamentality, we presented two films while experiencing the corporeal dimension of the ornament; a discussion followed about how the beauty and power of the ornament inform bodily experience and interconnection.

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