Curators Route

Tailored for art and design professionals relying on public transport and seeking to maximize their 36-hour itinerary.

Plan for an early departure from a nearby major city in Europe, taking the ICE to Karlsruhe or Stuttgart and arriving at Pforzheim, the gateway to the Black Forest, by mid day. On average, the journey takes between four to six hours. When passing through Karlsruhe, make sure to plan a brief visit to the renowned ZKM Center for Art and Media. This route is ideal for cultural professionals, museum teams and journalists, who want to make the most of a short trip, with brief stops, targeted visits, and evenings filled with our collateral programme Ornamenta Lust. Upon arrival at Pforzheim Hbf station, spend your time visiting the exhibitions and public installations in the portal town of this region. Spend the rest of your visit venturing into the two valleys using the DB train services. To experience the cultural richness of the region, consider visiting Baden-Baden on Sunday as you depart the region.

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