Entrepreneurs Route

Ditch the city buzz for a weekend in Europe's most innovative forest

This itinerary is ideal to those seeking creative inspiration, fantastic cuisine, and a surprising blend of city and countryside charm. Are you involved in or simply curious about the integration of design thinking? This route ignites the imagination of visitors with an entrepreneurial spirit and an open mind. The Ornamenta programme puts a spotlight on the next generation of creative professionals, fostering close collaboration with industries that define this region of Germany.

The Northern Black Forest boasts a long heritage of jewellery and clock making, both of which remain important industries today. However, some companies have diversified their reach. The jewellery industry has paved the way for a diverse range of related businesses including some hidden champions, such as metal recycling firms and suppliers for orthodontics. Beyond a focus on metalwork, designers collaborated with companies in the realm of cosmetics, clockmaking, cleaning technology, stonework, fashion, and more. This route delves into how the expertise of these companies contributes to various proposals for an alternative future.

For this option, a car is essential. A convertible model is ideal for enjoying the scenery.

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