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    Eurofins Construction Site

    Eurofins Construction SiteVetterstraße 3675417MühlackerBaden-WürttembergDeutschland

Inverted Paradise: A Public Artwork of Found Fragments

The "Inverted Paradise" is a public artwork situated at the intersection of a construction site and a picturesque natural landscape. Created by the public space based practice Spazio Cura, the work embodies their ethos of radically embracing the prevailing context and using minimal new materials to achieve maximum spatial impact. Thus, the artwork inhabits a previously overlooked space in Mühlacker, comprising abandoned regional architectural fragments, local leftover materials, and newly designed elements intricately woven together to form a new public site.

The "Inverted Paradise" manifests as a park-like structure meticulously designed to delineate the site, providing areas for informal human activity and the unrestricted growth of naturally evolving plants. Visitors traverse paths of red gravel, the sole physical remains of former neighbouring brick buildings. They find solace within a yard that once served as a vacant outdoor pool and are welcomed to rest on hand-carved stone slabs sourced from an undocumented historic building. Ornamenta guests and passersby alike can ascend repurposed concrete stairs, offering a vantage point to witness and embrace the perpetual growth and transformation of the surrounding nature, provided we allow it. "Inverted Paradise" underscores the notion that the future is intertwined with the past, just as the present is a reflection of ourselves.

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