Historians Route

An expedition through historic sites in the Black Forest and legacies of brutalist Pforzheim.

The Historian's Route through the Black Forest offers a captivating journey for those interested in history and architecture. A two night stayover enables you to delve into the built environment of Pforzheim, particularly focusing on brutalism and modernism by architects such as Eiermann and Lehmbruck. During your weekend visit, you will drive through the Black Forest, stopping at reprogrammed historic sites and explore century-old sacred grounds scattered along the route. These sites offer insights into the region's religious and cultural history, providing a deeper understanding of its heritage. Most of all, the Historian's Route features contemporary art against the backdrop of the forest. Make sure to indulge in the local cuisine along the route, sampling traditional Black Forest specialties. Reservations are recommended to secure good spots. Consider staying overnight in one of the charming towns in the region to fully immerse yourself in the heritage experience. Parking is available along the Ornamenta venues and surrounding streets. If you are not driving from home, consider renting a car in Karlsruhe, Stuttgart, or Pforzheim for convenience. Alternatively, plan ahead to secure a taxi in Pforzheim for seamless transportation.

By following the Historian's Route, you will embark on a memorable journey through the Black Forest, uncovering its rich history, architectural wonders, and cultural legacies.

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