5 July – 29 September 2024
Friday – Sunday, 11:00 – 16:00
Entry: every 30 minutes

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    Heilstollen Neubulach

    Heilstollen NeubulachZiegelbach 175387NeubulachBaden-WürttembergGermany

The Hookaverse 🔮 : Listening Events inside a Healing Grotto

The shisha pipes, with their ornate smoke and rich aroma, hold the potential to inspire visions, uncover secrets, and foresee the future. These objects turn smoking sessions into rituals of collective discovery and world building. In the fictional world called the ‘Hookaverse’ imagined by philosopher Makan Fofana’s TURFU initiative and curator Yasemin Keskintepe, shishas are more than simply objects. They play a crucial role in the political, ecological and economic spheres of its societies. 

During the listening events, taking place inside the therapeutic breathing cave ‘Heilstollen Neubulach’ in the middle of the Northern Black Forest, every half and hour a group of twenty visitors are welcomed to enjoy the special climate of the health resort,  audio play in French, English and German language take us to distant planets, connecting Shisha youth culture with regional traditions.

“The Hookaverse 🔮'' tells the story of an extraterrestrial shisha dealer from the planet Zendaya. The pink planet is  home to the Space Shisha Club which attracts visitors from all over the universe. The audible experience was specifically created to spark your imagination while participating in regular healing treatments inside the cave.



  • The Hookaverse 🔮

    • Makan Fofana
    • Yasemin Keskintepe



  • Makan Fofana
  • Yasemin Keskintepe