Independent Programme of the Region

Next to a curated programme, Ornamenta's parallel programme consists exclusively of organizations, companies, and individuals based in the Northern Black Forest region that join with their own independent programme element. They open up their spaces, activities, and seats so that a larger audience and their networks can experience site-specific exhibitions and events that belong to their continuous agendas but, for the occasion of 2024, respond to one of the five themes of the ORNAMENTA 2024. From museums to shops and clubs, the different communities enrich and contextualize the curated programme. Applications for individual and self-organized programme elements can be submitted via this page in German. Through open calls in 2023 and 2022, the parallel programme is a steadily growing network of what the region already has to offer.

The team welcomes all contributions to the ORNAMENTA 2024 but encourages and communicates specifically those that are accessible Friday, Saturday, and Sunday afternoons and evenings. As the curated programme also focuses on the weekends of July, August, and September 2024, the team recommends that the contributions be accessible during these times.

The ideal drink or dish for one of the ORNAMENTA 2024 themes, a concert, lecture, or screening that sheds a different light on one of the themes, or a performance that contradicts a part of the curated program are to be expected as individual and self-organized activities of the parallel programme.

Fill out this form before May 1st 2024 to be included in the parallel programme.

If you have any questions or need support, we will be happy to assist you and advise you on how to formulate your concept precisely. Do not hesitate to contact us: Anjana Berger, phone +497231 39 3779, berger@ornamenta.gmbh




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