Independent Programme of the Region

The Ornamenta Lust programme is the reaction of the region - its artists, organisations and social groups - to the curated programme. It offers the opportunity to make ORNAMENTA 2024 tangible and customisable. Everyone can participate: As part of a growing, regional movement which deals with future-relevant issues that are taken up by the Ornamenta. Private individuals, associations and institutions are invited to engage in the Ornamenta Lust programme with the social topics of ORNAMENTA 2024 - in digital and real life.

The Northern Black Forest has a lot to offer in terms of tourism - whether it is views from mountain peaks, guided tours of museums and monuments, a visit to a thermal spa or a tasting of Black Forest gateau. Ornamenta Lust makes Ornamenta a joint project for the entire region. In addition, all participants can become active on social media and join the digital movement for ORNAMENTA 2024.

Please complete this form as early as possible in order to apply for the programme, if you would like to be part of Ornamenta Lust with a specific programme contribution. There is no legal entitlement to inclusion in the programme. We will get in touch with you after we decided to include your programme into the event.

If you have any questions or need support, we will be happy to assist you in formulating a precise concept. Do not hesitate to contact us: Monika Heinzmann, phone +497231 39 3932, heinzmann@ornamenta.gmbh




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