Sat 12. August 202311:30 – 12:30

Schmutzige Ecke expert meeting

  • In Calw auf einem öffentlichen Platz

    In Calw auf einem öffentlichen PlatzAuf dem Brühl 275365CalwBaden-WürttembergDuitsland

This event is ideal for beer lovers! It brings together three entrepreneurs – designer and brewer Henriette Waal, creative brewer Oliver Wesseloh, and beer distiller Ursula Waters – in the city of Calw, along the Nagold river. Joining them are water specialist Dieter Pross and tour guide Petra Paulußen from Region Nordschwarzwald, who bring new knowledge and quirky stories revolving around Germany's beer culture. Meet the individuals ready for a beer revolution. At an open-air cafe in Calw, the audience steps into the world of beer innovation, savoring tastings, enjoying untold stories, and engaging in lively exchanges that span the region, Germany, and beyond.

For 2024, Henriette Waal collaborates with local breweries in Region Nordschwarzwald. Leveraging the expertise and aspirations of these local breweries, she guides alumni from Hochschule Pforzheim in exploring new beer applications that align with the evolving interests of the changing demographics in the region.

Join the Ornamenta team at Pforzheim's main train station on platform 103 at 10 am for a collective departure by train to the event location in Calw.

Event location: Opposite Brauhaus Schönbach (Brühlpark, behind the building located on Auf dem Brühl 2, 75365 Calw).

Saturday 12 August 11 - 12 am

Schmutzige Ecke

Henriette Waal bei einer öffentlichen Vorführung der 'Outside Brewery' im Brühlpark, Calw

Public expert exchange about creative beer brewing at Brühlpark, Calw

beer tasting at Brühlpark, Calw

Public demonstration of making beer with the 'Outside Brewery' at Brühlpark, Calw

Michael Ketterer and Henriette Waal in the backyard of Ketterer brewery; Pforzheim.





  • Dieter Pross


  • Henriette Waal


  • Oliver Wesseloh


  • Petra Paulußen


  • Ursula Waters