5 July – 29 September 2024
Friday – Sunday

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    Neubulach, Kurpark Kneipptretbecken übers Städtle zur Kneipe (Rathauscafe)

    Vom Kneippen zur „Kneipe“Mühlsteige 3275387NeubulachBaden-WürttembergDeutschland

Vom Kneippen zur „Kneipe“

This magical journey begins at the Kurpark Neubulach. Our guide will first introduce you to water treading and Kneipp therapy next to the Kneipp basin. Afterwards you will be taken on a guided tour of the many historical buildings in the “Städtle”. Finally, we will take a rest at the Rathauscafe e.V., where we will learn more about Kneipp mechanisms. In “Kneipe” you will find out about the five elements of Kneipp therapy as well as suggestions for practicing it at home. 

“Vom Kneippen zur Kneipe” is organized on the occasion of the Ornamenta 2024 Lust Programme, corresponding to the theme Bad Databrunn. All Ornamenta Lust programmes are mainly German spoken but you are welcome to join.

Bad Databrunn