5 July – 15 September 2024
Tuesday, 15:00 – 16:30
Thursday, 12:00 – 13:00

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    Raphael Kirche

    RückenwindTurnstraße 675173PforzheimBaden-WürttembergDeutschland


The Raphael Church of Pforzheim will be hosting a group exhibition on the theme of “Rückenwind” (tailwind), which will explore various dimensions of the subject.

"What comes to mind when I hear the word tailwind? It's an incomparable feeling: we know what it's like to feel the air under your wings, the enthusiasm, maybe even to have your heart pounding, to do something wonderful... Tailwind encourages me to achieve a goal and it boosts my momentum. Encouragement, recognition, appreciation, that too is a tailwind."

With this text, parishioners and artists were contacted and invited.
Their approach to the topic is very different. Some think of the pleasant thrust forwards when cycling or sailing, others take up the movement as a painterly or graphic gesture. Many of the pictures visualise how a person feels when they experience appreciation, support and empathy as a tailwind.
The works are also technically diverse. In addition to drawings with pencil or ink, there are painterly realisations, but also etching, collage, embroidery and photography, as well as mixtures of media.
The three-dimensional objects are made of wood. Clay, metal or papier-mâché, a tiny ready-made is hidden in a shuttering hole.

Angela Amon
Rolf Elsässer
Herbert Heidchen
Karin Helms-Kieselmann
Heidi Heyer
Petra Jaschke
Werner Jaschke
Sandra Jost
Harald Kröner
Kateryna Khromchenko
Daniela Lange
Viktoria R. Müller
Brigitte Neufeldt
Andrea Nüter
Thomas Olze
Mechthild Pater
Martin Rapp
Rena Riedel
Christa Schlunk
Thomas Sterzer
Margarete Zaiß

“Rückenwind” is organized on the occasion of the Ornamenta 2024 Lust Programme, corresponding to the theme Inhalatorium. All Ornamenta Lust programmes are mainly German spoken but you are welcome to join. Please contact Monika Ziemer via mail monika-ziemer@gmx.de, if you like to visit the exhibition during another time.

©Photo: courtesy of Monika Ziemer
©Photo: courtesy of Monika Ziemer
©Photo: courtesy of Monika Ziemer