Friday 20 September
from 18:00

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    Kunstsammlung Jutta und Manfred Heinrich

    Führung durch die Kunstsammlung HeinrichSchafhof 3/275433MaulbronnBaden-WürttembergDeutschland

Führung durch die Kunstsammlung Heinrich

Art historian Regina M. Fischer will guide you into the world of Berlin’s artists with a tour of the Heinrich Art Collection in Maulbronn. There is probably no other place in Germany with a comparable collection of art, spatially centered in Berlin and temporally in the 1970s/1980s. Also noteworthy is the balance between East and West German artists, thanks to the special interest of collector Manfred Heinrich. In the Heinrich Art Collection, the charm of a historic town with half-timbered houses and sandstone walls blends with the turbulence of Berlin's divided period.

The guided tour “Führung durch die Kunstsammlung Heinrich” is organized on the occasion of the Ornamenta 2024 Lust Programme, corresponding to the theme Schmutzige Ecke. All Ornamenta Lust programmes are mainly German spoken but you are welcome to join.

Schmutzige Ecke
Kunstsammlung Heinrich ©Photo: courtesy of Eric Tschernow