What to expect in the Ornamenta programme?

ORNAMENTA 2024 - Curatorial Programme

A three-month cultural programme from July to September 2024 composed of exhibitions, events, performances and encounters, ORNAMENTA 2024 will take its visitors on an excursion through the city of Pforzheim into the Northern Black Forest Region and five thematic neighbourhoods.

The international team of curators explored the identitiy of the region and identified five thematic ares which will find an artistic expression in 2024 as fictitious neighbourhoods. Each thematic neighbourhood will take shape in a solo and a group exhibtion, an event format as well as an intervention in public space in various locations all over the region. For each of the five neighbourhoods four formats will be created at a total of 20 locations throughout the whole Northern Black Forest Region. Gathering a variety of societal, entrepreneurial and artistic perspectives in these neighbourhoods respond to some of the challenges and opportunities facing the region.

ORNAMENTA Lust - Independent Programme of the Region

ORNAMENTA Lust is a growing movement in the Northern Black Forest Region. Parallel to the curated programme, ORNAMENTA Lust is the response of the region - its artists, organizations, and local communities - to the observations made by the curators of Ornamenta. Everyone can participate and become part of this growing movement by engaging with the future oriented questions raised by Ornamenta. In the programme element ORNAMENTA Lust all individuals, shop owners, associations and institutions are called to action and encouraged to participate in the topics of ORNAMENTA 2024 - in digital and real space.

On different social media channels a variety of voices from the region share with us personal experiences and inspirations on one of the five thematic neighbourhoods of ORNAMENTA 2024 in a series of short videos. ORNAMENTA Lust is also a platform for all ideas which can complement the curated programme. After all the Northern Black Forest Region has a lot to offer: mesmerizing views after a long hike to one of various mountain tops, guided tours in a museum or a heritage site, cleansing rituals at a spa or tasting the famous Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte in one of their local bakeries. Creators of the region are invited to expand the content of ORNAMENTA 2024 with their own parallel programme, inspired by one of the five thematic neighbourhoods proposed by the curators of the Ornamenta.

By bringing together local citizens, artists, institutions, and local business owners, ORNAMENTA Lust becomes a communal effort by the entire region.