Connecting Localities: Ornamenta Research Trip, NL & BE

  • Trip
  • 22. October 2021, 09:00 – 23. October 2021, 20:00

    Artistic initiatives in peripheral zones are emancipating. Ornamenta curators and a heterogeneous group of experts and active audience embarked on a trip around various locations in the Benelux. Here, failures and successes were identified when visiting a renowned design festival, an art biennale on trauma, and a centre for architecture discussing the impact of the production of Zinc on a Region. Two of the key questions that emerged were what is needed to attract a cultural crowd to rural areas and small towns and how to connect the locale with large-scale cultural events. The result was a lively discussion and coming together of ideas in order to address a world in flux where the spreading metropolis consumes the bordering regions.

    During the trip we visited the following sites:

    • Atelier NL, Bergmannstraat 76, Eindhoven
    • Van Abbe Museum, Stratumsedijk 2, Eindhoven
    • Dutch Design Week, Strijp-S: Microlab Hall, Klokgebouw and Ketelhuisplein, Eindhoven
    • MU Hybrid Art House, Torenallee 40-06, Eindhoven
    • Museum van Bommel van Dam, Keulsepoort 1,Venlo
    • Triënnale Brugge, Lange Vestig 112, Brugges
    • Bureau Europa, Boschstraat 9, Maastricht


    Angelique Spaninks

    Deniz Ova

    Fleur Wilson

    Martina Muzi

    Paolo Martini

    Sjors Bindels

    Studio Lernert & Sander

    Viviane Stappmanns

    Els Wuyts

    Shendy Gardin

    Film makers, it’s showtime