Fri 29. September 202319:00 – 20:30

Inhalatorium Kiosk - Gala HBF 2023

    Ornamental smoke rises from the pipe of the Glasmännlein in Wilhelm Hauff's fairy tale and transforms the world of the charcoal burner Peter Munk into a dream at the end of which another life becomes possible. In imaginary places, tradition and renewal begin to blur. With the power of their lungs, the trumpeters above the roofs of Pforzheim transmit the tunes from beloved video games into the air we share. Meanwhile steam evaporates from a regional charcoal burner’s oven at the Inhalatorium Kiosk - an invitation for us to bring contemporary future narratives of virtual worlds to life in the Northern Black Forest by means of our fantasy.




    • Schwarzwald Köhler Thomas Faißt


    • Trompetentrio