• Gathering
  • 30. September 2022, 18:00 – 21:00

    Within Ornamenta’s lnhalatorium neighbourhood, the worlds of Shisha and Schmuck collide in a diverse cultural framework. By engaging in the collective act of inhaling air we aim for a discovery of what unites us rather than divides us. The Black Forest air is renowned for its high-quality common good. What are new ways for different regional, cultural, and visiting communities to share and make the most of its quality?

    The railway station serves as the terminal from which we depart and to which we arrive: the liminal space between where we are going and where we have been filled with consumerist waypoints for pulp fiction, fast coffee, and fashion accessories. Our physical journey rarely stops when we arrive as our gaze is diverted towards information boards for the next transfer as we look for connections or other modes of transport, or even simply heading out on foot heading making our way towards territories of familiar unfamiliarity, but what if the journey continued without leaving the terminus? Can we still conjure up the sense of advancement and travel while remaining fixed to the station’s specific set of geographical coordinates? The Ornamenta Gala asked its audience to take a moment to pause and reflect, using the immediate space of Pforzheim Hbf to become a window to other subjectivities that transport those that give over to the idea of going nowhere while being somewhere.


    Gala Venues: DB Station&Service AG, Vivo Bar
    Food truck: La Signora,
    Catering: Comedia, Vivarepas, Panificio S. Calogero, Snack Insects, Eksi’s Motivtorten

    Printing: Druck+Medien Pforzheim
    Banners and Fencing: Technische Dienste Stadt Pforzheim
    Hair and Make-up: Friseur barbers – Stephan Hochstein & Andreas Klug GbR
    Gala Backstage Venue: Schlosskeller Privatbrauerei Wilhelm Ketterer
    Water Display Bad Databrunn: Bad Liebenzeller Mineralbrunnnen
    Crockery: Parkhotel Pforzheim GmbH
    Produktionsmanagement: Andreas Schmidt
    Art handling: Richfelder
    AV- Media: multi-media systeme AG
    Light: David Horn
    Scaffolding: dp-showtechnic GmbH & Co. KG

    Gala Hosts: students and members of local organisations and youth groups (Queer Space
    Pforzheim, Internationaler Beirat, HS Pforzheim, KIT Karlsruhe)
    Copywriting and Translation: David Cross Kane and Merit Julia Sauter
    Graphic design: OPSXD
    Typefaces: Charlotte Rohde
    Photograpy: Karolina Sobel, Marta Bogdanska


    Vannessa Bosch

    Black Forest Society Pforzheim e.V.


    Inhalatorium Dancers

    Volunteers, please come to the front