1. August 2021 – 1. August 2021

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    Hofgut Buckenberg

    Hofgut Buckenberg75175PforzheimBaden-WürttembergGermany

The Alpaca Society

If you did not know any better, you might think Alpacas are the best lockdown cuddle-buddies one could wish for. They just look so cute, but appearances are deceptive. An Alpaca’s tongue is so short that mothers are genetically incapable of licking their newborns clean after giving birth. As a result, Alpacas are unconditioned to receive physical affection beyond a friendly nose bump, anything more intimate is considered undesirable behavior.



  • Alpaca Meditation

    • Glacier Candles

      • Studio Brynjar and Veronika
    • Circle Flute

    • Hermit Sveinsson

    • Set of stones

      • Studio Brynjar and Veronika



    • Studio Brynjar and Veronika