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Ornamenta is looking for locations

Artworks in a gym hall, a lecture in a shop, a gala in a production facility: Participate in the Ornamenta by turning your location into a stage. Innovative minds and cultural tourists from Germany and abroad are ready to visit unexpected locations in the Northern Black Forest region. This is your chance to showcase the must-see hidden gems of your area and to make them accessible to an audience. Whether for one evening or multiple weekends, we are looking for locations for smaller and larger-scale events and exhibitions in the period from July until September 2024.

About Ornamenta

The Ornamenta is a cultural programme which includes artworks, performances and other artistic contributions based on a series of calls and curated content. Audiences will experience the work of artists, educators, researchers, curators, photographers, designers and other makers and thinkers who present their visions about five topical new neighbourhoods: the Inhalatorium, the Solartal, Bad Databrunn, Zum Eros and Schmutzige Ecke. The Ornamenta takes place in the Northern Black Forest region, Enzkreis and Pforzheim, and becomes a collective endeavour by all respondents to the open calls, guests and the Ornamenta team.

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