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  • Gathering
  • 25. March 2022, 19:00 – 05. March 2022, 20:00
  • Liganova Stuttgart

The journey from Stuttgart Airport to Pforzheim to Bad Wildbad takes about sixty minutes by car. In just one hour international visitors of Ornamenta 2024 could land in Baden-Württemberg’s capital and drive via the former Golden Gate town to enter a spa promenade in the Northern Black Forest. In the tradition of the Kurorten and regional spas, experts of digital culture came together with an audience in the techno-bubble of retail pioneers LIGANOVA, Stuttgart. The community exchanged ideas and updated themselves on living with more (invisible) technology and information streams, but more specifically speculated about setting up a temporary new neighbourhood in the Northern Black Forest region.

What if a town called Bad-Databrunn would be founded? – A new community that wants to immerse its human and non-human inhabitants in a holistic caring experience through e-culture. Each of the speakers invited by Ornamenta tried to imagine how a new breed of people could be educated and where they would live and work. We heard the thoughts and ideas of the creative director of LIGANOVA Aline Käfer; IT and CGI experts of the Meyle+Müller Group; jewellery designer Lukas Grewenig; and Stuttgart University lecturer David Cross Kane. The evening was filled with inspiring concepts and shared concerns: questions about the built environment (should we call them smart homes?), prototyping intelligent everyday objects like the chairs we sit on and glasses we drink from, how care and intimacy could inform loving cyber-spaces, and finally [re]thinking what the details and ornaments of the Bad-Databrunners would look like.




Liganova Stuttgart


Aline Käfer

Lucas Grewenig

David Cross Kane

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